xkcd cartoon displaying the need for causal inference methods

Using Economic Data for Causal Inference

This undergraduate course presents a crash course to OLS and an introduction to Causal Inference methods including DAGs, IV, RDD, and DiD.

September 2023 · Hector Rufrancos
Difference-in-difference estimates for switchers, Nigeria 2010-2015 with randomized inference

Does the depth of informality influence welfare in urban Sub-Saharan Africa?

This paper studies the relationship between household welfare and informality. Assuming income pooling, we propose new measures of household informality. Using panel data for Nigeria, we employ a novel approach assessing household switches in informality portfolios, accounting for selection on unobservables and find it explaining most welfare differences.

January 2023 · Eva-Maria Egger, Cecilia Poggi, Hector Rufrancos
Plots of Simulations Inducing a 5% Measurement Error in the Treatment Variable (joiners)

Are There Gains to Joining a Union? Evidence from Mexico

This paper shows the impact on wages and non wage benefits of joining and leaving a union in Mexico. I find joining (leaving) a union increases (decreases) the probability of being in receipt of legally guaranteed benefits such as bonuses and paid holidays. This suggests that although union density may be in decline, unions still have an important role to play in voicing worker’s preferences with respect to compensation and ensuring that employers comply with the law.

February 2019 · Hector Rufrancos
Impact of PAN win on Strike Petitions rate

Institutions in the Fast Lane? Strike Petitions and the Electoral Cycle in Mexico

This paper studies the role of unions during local election campaigns in Mexico. We develop a model of union influence and validate this with administrative data . This is ongoing work

February 2019 · Hector Rufrancos, Willem Sas