The Effect of Pollution alerts on labour supply intensive margin (Females by formality)

The unequal effect of pollution exposure on labour supply across gender

This paper studies the effects of air pollution on labour supply by gender in Mexico City. We differentiate between the health, income and policy effect. We find where most female and formal workers are able to reduce their hours of work, informal female workers may have no alternatives. Female informal workers have the highest increase in minutes of work during the peak pollution days. Ongoing work

February 2023 · Hector Rufrancos, Cecilia Poggi, Eva-Maria Egger, Antonia Schwarz, Mirko Moro
Difference-in-difference estimates for switchers, Nigeria 2010-2015 with randomized inference

Does the depth of informality influence welfare in urban Sub-Saharan Africa?

This paper studies the relationship between household welfare and informality. Assuming income pooling, we propose new measures of household informality. Using panel data for Nigeria, we employ a novel approach assessing household switches in informality portfolios, accounting for selection on unobservables and find it explaining most welfare differences.

January 2023 · Eva-Maria Egger, Cecilia Poggi, Hector Rufrancos