KCal relative to requirement using country specific heights

Escaping from hunger before WW1: the nutritional transition and living standards in Western Europe and USA in the late nineteenth century

This paper examines cross country nutritional differences before WWI using the USCL survey. We find that US households had on average 500 daily calories per capita more than French and Germans households, with the Belgians and British households closer to the USA.

November 2022 · Ian Gazeley, Rose Holmes, Andrew Newell, Kevin Reynolds, Hector Rufrancos
Proportion of Carnegie households below estimated average requirement (EAR)/reference nutrient intake (RNI)

How hungry were the poor in late 1930s Britain?

This paper develops a theory of optimal unemployment insurance in matching models. It derives a sufficient-statistic formula for optimal unemployment insurance, which is useful to determine the optimal cyclicality of unemployment insurance.

May 2021 · Ian Gazeley, Andrew Newell, Kevin Reynolds, Hector Rufrancos