Current Modules

ECNU3ED: Using Economic Data

Module co-ordinator for 3rd year UG module of Introductory Econometrics.

ECNU48E: Economics Research Methods

Module co-ordinator of 4th year UG module, mixture of Research methods (Journal club, zotero, and advanced econometrics (e.g., IV, RDD).

Previously at University of Sussex

Statistics Project

Offered: 2017
Module convenor for 3rd year undergraduate module consisting of supervision of 50+ students doing a summative assessment consisting of a free choice statistics dissertation. Course comprises Lectures, Workshops and a regular supervisory office hour.

An introduction to LaTeX for Economists

Offered: 2016, 2015, 2014
Advanced Research Methods in Economics PhD Module
Designed crash course and taught LaTeX to PhD students. Topics include crash course on software, and an indepth module on Stata integration.


Offered: 2014, 2013

Course tutor. Course is an undergraduate level introductory course to econometrics.

Applied Economics Topics

Offered: 2014, 2013

Course tutor. Course comprised a variety of lectures on different applied areas of economics including: Famine, Poverty and Inequality, Football, Crime, Tourism, Trade, amongst others.


Stata Programming and Looping

Offered: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

Designed and taught workshop on advanced programming in Stata, with an extensive focus on Looping constructs, conditional statements, and writing custom .ado files.

Stata Workshop for Applied Economics Dissertation / Postgraduate Students

Offered: 2014, 2013

Designed course and held regular office hour for both UG and MSc students. Acted as informal advisor, and helped students in tough Stata issues.

LaTeX for Researchers

Offered: 2013, 2012

Designed and Taught course for Doctoral School at Sussex. Taught a range of Faculty and new PhD students how to use LaTeX.

Stata for Researchers

Offered: 2013, 2012, 2010

Designed and Taught course for Doctoral School at Sussex. Taught a range of Faculty and new PhD students the basics of using Stata.

Stata for Applied Economics Dissertation

Offered: 2010

Designed and Taught course for MSc and UG students at Sussex. Course contents included a crash course for students who wished to write applied economics dissertations.

Departmental Service

DPhil Seminar Convenor 2013-2015, University of Sussex.

Convened the internal DPhil seminar. Included inviting external speakers to speak at our series and ensure continuity in programme.